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Ultimate Spa Resort Luxury in the Florida Keys

For the holiday of a lifetime in discreet luxury on a private island far from the chaos of Miami, the Little Palm Island Resort is your dream destination. A romantic retreat ideal for a first or even a second honeymoon, this exclusive resort offers perfect privacy and is only accessible by boat or seaplane.  Fun, romance and a total lack of intrusive 21st century technology such as TVs or phones, a stay here is a joyful escape from the reality of modern life in a confused world. This is luxury in the Florida Keys at its finest! Your dream bungalow boasts air-conditioned climate control under a traditional thatched roof, and the custom-made beds are extra-comfortable and feature decorative mosquito netting and quality bed linen. Beautifully placed amid six acres of gloriously flowering tropical gardens crossed by shining white crushed-seashell pathways, each bungalow is within a short, palm-lined walk of totally secluded white sand beaches. Why Visit Florida? A
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